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Pathways to Genome-targeted Therapies in Serous Ovarian Cancer

  Joshua Axelrod, Joe Delaney

  J Nat Sci, 3:e408, 2017

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Military blast-induced synaptic changes with distinct vulnerability may explain behavioral alterations in the absence of obvious brain damage

  Catherine M. Parisian, Gregory Georgevitch, Ben A. Bahr

  J Nat Sci, 3:e406, 2017

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Medical Sciences


Summarizing Solvation Effects on Antibody Structure and Function

  Ramachandran Murali, Somdutta Saha, Anastas Pashov, Thomas Kieber-Emmons

  J Nat Sci, 3:e402, 2017

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Tumor-Draining Lymph Nodes Contain Immunodominant Peptide-Specific T Cells which Demonstrate Efficacy in Murine Models of Adoptive Immunotherapy

  Kevin Choong, John Ammori, Khaled Hamzeh, Hallie Graor, Julian Kim

  J Nat Sci, 3:e398, 2017

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Medical Sciences


Adiponectin and its Hydrolase-Activated Receptors

  Ankit X. Sharma, William L. Holland

  J Nat Sci, 3:e396, 2017

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