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Medical Sciences


Refractory versus resistant hypertension: Novel distinctive phenotypes

  Tanja Dudenbostel, Mohammed Siddiqui, Nitin Gharpure, David A. Calhoun

  J Nat Sci, 3:e430, 2017

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Electrical Instability Due To Regional Increase In Extracellular Potassium Ion Concentration

  Sunil M. Kandel, Bradley J. Roth

  J Nat Sci, 1:e160, 2015

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A microRNA cluster (let-7c, miRNA-99a, miRNA-125b, miRNA-155 and miRNA-802) encoded at chr21q21.1-chr21q21.3 and the phenotypic diversity of Down’s syndrome (DS; trisomy 21)

  Yuhai Zhao, Vivian Jaber, Maire E. Percy, Walter J. Lukiw

  J Nat Sci, 3:e446, 2017

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Biological Chemistry


Controlling Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition through Acetylation of Histone H2BK5

 Robert J. Mobley, Amy N. Abell

 J Nat Sci, 3:e432, 2017

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Medical Sciences


The role of corneal stroma: A potential nutritional source for the cornea

Lingling Zhang, Matthew C. Anderson, Chia-Yang Liu

J Nat Sci, 3:e428, 2017

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