Journal of Nature and Science (JNSCI)

Peer Review Processes

Peer Review (PR) is very important for improving the quality of article.

If your MS is editor-invited short review, it may not need additional peer review except Editor's review.


1. Peer Review by Another Journal

Your MS has been reviewed by editors and/or reviewers through another journal, but you would like to consider JNSCI for publishing your MS.

Please tell us about this in the cover letter. It will be helpful if you include comments from those editors and/or reviewers when you submit your MS.


2. Peer Review by JNSCI

 If you prefer to finish peer review by JNSCI, please suggest 3-5 reviewers in the cover letter when you submit MS.

If your suggested reviewers are not willing to review your MS, we may request additonal reviewers.

3. Peer Review by Your Selected Reviewers

JNSCI may contact you to help finish peer review as follows:

(a) Send your MS to two or more reviewers (outside your institute/university);
(b) Revise your MS based on their comments with tracking of your changes; and
(c) Send your revised MS (word file) and the comments of reviewers to JNSCI.

Please contact if you have any question on the peer review processes.