Journal of Nature and Science (JNSCI)

Publishing Models and Peer Review Processes

Peer Review (PR) is very important for improving the quality of article. JNSCI is using the following publishing models with different peer review processes:


1. Rapid Publishing Model

Publish with Pre-Sub Peer Review: 

If your MS has been reviewed by two or more reviewers OR by another journal, your MS may be qualified for rapid publishing.

However, the Editor will decide whether you need additional reviewers

Publish with Post-Pub Peer Review:

If your MS is under process for more than two weeks,  you may request this option to publish MS while awaiting peer review to be completed.

However, the Editor will decide whether you have to wait until peer review is completed.


2. Traditional Publishing Model

Publish with Pre-Pub Peer Review: 

This peer review process is the same as other journal, which may ask you to suggest or exclude some reviewers.

(a) offline Invited PR:

Please suggest 3-5 reviewers when you submit MS. Your MS will be sent to your suggested and/or Editor-invited reviewers for comments.

(b) online Open or Blind PR (option):

Your MS information such as title, author, and abstract may be posted to "Manuscript under Review" section, then visitors (readers) may have interest in reviewing your MS. 

Click here to see how it works and a list of MS under review.


About Self-Run Peer Review:

You have option to contact reviewers by yourself to help finish peer review before submission OR after submission.

Here is suggestion for self-run peer review:

(a) Send your MS to two or more reviewers by yourself for comments;
(b) Revise your MS based on their comments with tracking; and
(c) Send your revised MS and the comments of reviewers to JNSCI.

Please contact if you have any question on the publishing models and review processes.